I’m very happy to announce the launch of Lacuna eSports. As an organisation, we strive in improving, developing and nurturing the best talents around the globe. We had a successful first funding round where we managed to sign a solid investment deal to fund the first 6 months of operations.

Our first step was to enter VALORANT. Over the past year, VALORANT has become very popular in the eSports scene. It has great potential, and so does our starting squad. The aim is to reach a tier 2 playing level within the first 3 months. To achieve this, there will need to be a lot of hard work and effort put in, but as a team, we are 100% prepared to do so.

Getting into the VALORANT scene early is great for a start-up organisation like us, as it enables us to ride the wave all the way to the top. VALORANT will be the next CS:GO and we are making the right choice to take the risk.

Fortnite was our second step. Fortnite is probably one of, if not the biggest eSport titles out there right now, surpassing millions of views surrounding the recent FNCS. Our signings are strong and we cannot wait to work with them over the summer season and into the future.

Last but not least, we have our RLCS Rocket League team. Rocket league is an extremely fast growing title with room for improvement. Our RLCS squad will compete in this summer split for a chance at majors and worlds. Coming from experience, I can truly say Rocket League is one of the most enjoyable eSports to play and watch, and the whole organisation is very excited about what the future may hold.

Our main sponsor for 2021–2022 is Juice HQ, a raw fruit and vegetable cold pressed juice company based in London, United Kingdom. Our friends over at Juice HQ will be able to supply our players with the best nutrition possible, and also able to substitute your typical energy drink for something healthier with the same energising effect. You will see Juice HQ on our summer Jerseys provided to us by Adidas, and also among our branding identity.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this and I hope I can count on your continued support throughout our journey. A huge thank you to everyone making this project possible, the future is bright.

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